The privacy and their right are to be executed with confidential and we carefully secured it at all times. These rights are protected and we practice strict adherence to these guidelines.

We feature reliable positive opinion with full acceptance to all our client’s concerns so that they are able to express their emotions without fear of rejection. This allows them to gain a clearer understanding of their own inner thoughts, perceptions, and emotions that will promote development.

Alcohol and Drug Detoxification Program- a deep detox utilizing a sauna, moderate exercise, and nutritional supplements. Which may include, One-on-one counseling, Group counseling, Education sessions like teaching life skills such as healthy eating, coping with stress, and the Experiential therapy using outlets such as art, sports, music, recreation activities, etc.

There are countless treatment options you can choose from, For instance, some people with terrible forms of addiction enter a detox program before transitioning into rehab. Others may choose to begin recovery at an inpatient or outpatient facility. After treatment, we recommend continuing to strengthen the lessons being learned in rehab by attending support groups and therapy sessions.



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